"Childline: A Lifeline for Children in Distress"

We introduce Janhit Foundation’s Childline initiative, which serves as a crucial lifeline for children facing various forms of distress. Our 24/7 helpline provides immediate assistance, counseling, and support to children in need, ensuring their safety and well-being. Through our intervention programs and advocacy efforts, we strive to protect children from abuse, exploitation, and neglect, empowering them to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

"Empowering Children: Impact of Childline Services"

we highlight the impactful outcomes of Janhit Foundation’s Childline services. By providing timely intervention and support, we have helped countless children overcome adversity and access the assistance they need. From rescuing children from dangerous situations to providing counseling and rehabilitation services, our Childline initiative has made a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Together, we can continue to empower children and ensure their rights are protected.

Welcome to our Childline web page, where compassion meets action to ensure the safety and well-being of every child. At [JANHIT FOUNDATION MEERUT], we are proud to host Childline services, providing a 24/7 helpline for children in distress.

Why Childline Matters :

Childhood should be a time of joy, growth, and security. Unfortunately, many children face challenging situations that require immediate attention and support. Childline serves as a crucial lifeline, offering assistance, guidance, and protection to children facing abuse, neglect, exploitation, or any form of distress.

Counseling and Support:Trained

Trained counselors provide emotional support to children, helping them cope with trauma and navigate difficult situations. We believe in empowering children to express themselves and understand that they are not alone.

24/7 Helpline:

Our dedicated helpline operates round the clock, ensuring that children can reach out for help whenever they need it. Trained professionals are ready to listen, support, and take necessary actions to ensure the child’s safety.

Referral Services:

Childline is not just a helpline; it’s a gateway to a network of support services. We connect children with relevant agencies, organizations, or authorities to ensure comprehensive assistance.

Crisis Intervention:

Immediate response to crisis situations is our priority. Whether a child is facing abuse, exploitation, or is in danger, our Childline team is equipped to intervene promptly and appropriately.

Anonymous and Confidential:

Childline respects the privacy of children. Conversations are kept confidential, and children can choose to remain anonymous.

Dial the Helpline:

Children in distress can dial our toll-free number to connect with a compassionate and trained professional.

Immediate Assistance:

Our team is trained to assess the urgency of each situation, providing immediate assistance or coordinating with appropriate authorities.

Spread Awareness:

 Share information about Childline in your community and on social media to ensure that children are aware of this valuable resource.


Consider volunteering with Childline to contribute to the well-being of children in your area.


Your financial support enables us to maintain and expand Childline services. Every contribution makes a difference in the lives of children.

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