"Empowering Girls: Impact of Anti-Child Marriage Initiatives"

We showcase the transformative impact of Janhit Foundation’s anti-child marriage initiatives. By providing girls with education, skills training, and support services, we empower them to resist pressure to marry at a young age and pursue their dreams. Through our intervention programs and community outreach efforts, we have seen a reduction in child marriage rates and an increase in opportunities for girls to thrive. Together, we can continue to empower girls and protect their right to a childhood free from the burden of early marriage.

"Ending Child Marriage: Advocating for a Brighter Future"

We address the urgent issue of child marriage and Janhit Foundation’s commitment to ending this harmful practice. Through advocacy, awareness campaigns, and policy reform efforts, we aim to protect the rights of children and prevent them from being forced into early marriages. By raising awareness about the negative impact of child marriage on individuals and communities, we strive to create a safer and more equitable future for all children.


Against Child Marriage: JANHIT FOUNDATION’s Stance Child Marriage:

The Devastating End of Childhood;

Child marriage is not just a social issue; it’s a grave violation of fundamental rights, an assault on the essence of childhood, and a precursor to a life marred by adversity. JANHIT FOUNDATION takes a firm stand against this practice, recognizing the urgent need to eradicate it from the fabric of our societies.

Understanding Child Marriage:What is child marriage?

Child marriage, a distressing societal norm, ruthlessly strips young girls of their innocence, pushing them into unions where they bear burdens far beyond their years.

Child Marriage Statistics: 

The statistics are chilling – approximately 40 million girls worldwide are ensnared in the web of child marriage, with an ominous projection of 150 million more girls succumbing to this fate in the next decade. JANHIT FOUNDATION refuses to accept this as an inevitable reality.

Exploring the Impact:

Effects of Child Marriage:

Child marriage perpetuates a cycle of ignorance, poverty, and inequality. It shackles young minds, depriving them of education and pushing them into roles they are neither physically nor emotionally equipped to handle.

Forced Pregnancy:

One of the most harrowing outcomes of child marriage is forced pregnancy, thrusting young girls into the daunting responsibilities of motherhood when they should be in classrooms shaping their futures.

Conflict Zones:

 Understanding the surge in child marriage rates during conflicts is crucial in dismantling the layers of complexity that contribute to this disturbing trend.


Our Stand Against Child Marriage:

JANHIT FOUNDATION stands as a bastion against child marriage, tirelessly working towards a world where every child is safeguarded from the clutches of early matrimony.

Save the Children's Impact:

 Explore the impactful initiatives spearheaded by Save the Children, our ally in the fight against child marriage. Together, we strive to protect the rights and futures of young girls.


You are not powerless in this fight. By becoming part of JANHIT FOUNDATION’s mission to end child marriage, your support can tip the scales towards a future where every child grows up unburdened by the chains of forced unions.