"Meet Ms. Anita Rana: Chief Officer of Janhit Foundation"

“We  introduce Ms. Anita Rana, the dedicated Chief Officer of Janhit Foundation. With a background in community development and a passion for social change, Ms. Rana leads the foundation’s efforts in empowering communities, advocating for human rights, and driving sustainable development initiatives. Learn more about Ms. Rana’s vision, leadership, and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

"Dr. Anil Rana: A Visionary Leader"

“Dr. Anil Rana: A Visionary Leader” embodies the essence of a transformative figure whose unwavering dedication to education, environmental conservation, and community empowerment has inspired positive change. Through visionary leadership, Dr. Rana has navigated challenges, forged pathways for progress, and ignited hope in the hearts of many. His visionary approach has not only shaped the trajectory of initiatives but also ignited a sense of purpose and direction in those around him. Dr. Anil Rana’s legacy as a visionary leader continues to resonate, guiding us towards a brighter and more sustainable future.”

"Empowering Communities Through Education"

“Empowering Communities Through Education” encapsulates the profound impact of knowledge as a catalyst for transformation. By providing access to quality education, communities are empowered to break the cycle of poverty, pursue their dreams, and unlock their full potential. Through educational initiatives, barriers are dismantled, opportunities are created, and individuals are equipped with the tools they need to thrive. Education becomes not just a means of acquiring knowledge but a powerful force for social change, fostering resilience, dignity, and hope within communities. As we champion the cause of education, we recognize its unparalleled ability to uplift, inspire, and empower individuals and communities alike.”

"Championing Environmental Conservation"

“Championing Environmental Conservation” reflects a steadfast commitment to safeguarding our planet for future generations. By advocating for sustainable practices, preserving natural habitats, and mitigating environmental threats, we take on the responsibility of being stewards of the Earth. Through collective action and conscious choices, we strive to protect biodiversity, combat climate change, and preserve the delicate balance of ecosystems. Championing environmental conservation is not just an obligation but a moral imperative, rooted in the understanding that the health of our planet is intricately linked to our own well-being. Together, we stand as guardians of the Earth, committed to ensuring a sustainable and thriving environment for all living beings.”

“Message from Ms. Anita Rana, Chief Officer”

Ms. Anita Rana

I, as the Chief Officer of Janhit Foundation, take great pride in the achievements we have made in the previous fiscal year. Our unwavering commitment to assisting vulnerable children has been evident through our successful collaborations with Childline, resulting in the reunion of numerous children with their families. Despite Childline no longer being part of our journey, our dedication remains resolute as we now focus on preventing child marriage and child labor. I express my gratitude to Kailash Satyarthi ji for his invaluable support in this new endeavor.Looking back on the past year, I am pleased with the positive outcomes of our child protection initiatives. Moving forward, our focus will be on creating more programs to uplift marginalized communities in our region.Upon assuming the role of organization head after the unfortunate passing of our founder, Lt. Dr. Anil Rana, I, Anita Rana, transitioned from a housewife to a passionate advocate for our organization’s mission. Immersing myself in ongoing projects, I have diligently worked towards advancing the causes of child and women’s rights, aligning them with our organization’s vision.Over the course of 13 years, I have established myself as a committed social worker, always ready to assist those in need in our region. With over 100 accolades and awards, I am grateful for the recognition of our collective efforts. Through persistent advocacy and impactful project implementation, we have gained support from institutional and corporate donors, allowing us to address crucial issues such as water, sanitation, and women’s health, thereby promoting women’s empowerment.Furthermore, as the Director of Meerut Childline since 2008, I have effectively overseen our operations, leading to the establishment of Meerut Railway Child Helpdesk in 2019. Most recently, I have initiated the Women Helpline program in Meerut, bringing together a diverse group of experts to offer guidance and support to women facing various challenges.

DR. Shri Anil Rana

  • Environment’ Projects Implemented 65% 65%
  • Social Welfare Projects 10% 10%
  • Water and Sanitation 25% 25%

Dr. Anil Rana, the visionary creator of Janhit Foundation, utilizes his fervor for education and strong commitment to the environment to bring about a significant impact. With an unwavering dedication to sustainable progress, he established the foundation in 1998 with the goal of promoting Environmental & Water Conservation in Western Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Rana’s relentless endeavors span various domains, encompassing Sustainable Agriculture and the protection of Child and Women’s Rights, while simultaneously fostering opportunities for Income Generation. His exceptional leadership serves as a catalyst for a shared commitment to constructing a future where the coexistence of nature and social empowerment flourishes harmoniously.


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