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Late. Mr. Anil Rana
“To make the journey of life eventful I chose the intruded way and at...
Janhit Foundation takes a three pronged approach to dealing with water issues in Uttar Pradesh. This approach is based upon ensuring...
Child Line
CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, toll-free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection, linking them to.....
Rain Water
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Janhit Foundation has been promoting organic agriculture as a viable, sustainable alternative to conventional farming practices throughout...

Welcome To Janhit Foundation
Founded in 1998 by Dr. Anil Rana, an educationist by profession but an environmentalist at heart to work for Environmental & Water Conservation in Western Uttar Pradesh. Currently working extensively on Water Conservation, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Conservation, Child Rights Protection & Women Rights Protection along with Income Generation Activities for women from marginalized communities. Awareness in all the above-mentioned themes has always gone hands in hands with our work on the ground since our inception.

We have also been given the responsibility to manage the 24X7 Child Helpline 1098 on behalf of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India in Meerut and with our excellent work record we were also awarded to run the Railway Child Help Desk (Railway Childline) in Meerut in 2019, we became an obvious choice.
Registered as a non-profit under Societies Registration Act, 1860 with tax exemptions from Income Tax Department under Section 12A & 80G Also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 and has had long-term partnered with bi-laterals, multi-laterals and many corporate donors in the past and has implemented multiple projects successfully.
We welcome you to Janhit Foundation and be a part of the impactful work that we are doing everyday to bring sustainable change in the lives that we touch.

Minds Behind the Vision

Smt. Anita Rana- Director

Anita Rana stepped into as the head of the organization on the untimely demise of the founder of the organization Lt. Dr. Anil Rana in 2008. She came out as a housewife and with absolute passion and dedication towards the vision with which the organization was set up, she almost trained herself with the ongoing projects and also build the child rights and the women rights themes of the organization both in terms of the vision and the programs.
She has crafted her own persona as a Social worker in the region who is always active and ready to help and support anyone in need in any region that approaches her with any kinds of problems. She has also been added over 100 accolades and awards in the last 13 years of her as the Head of the organization. It was only due to her persistence in implementing better projects that many institutional and corporate donors came forward and supported various projects in the region in the themes of Water, Sanitation, Health & Hygiene and Health for women in order to promote women empowerment through awareness and adopting easy solutions to their problems.
She has also been serving as the Director for Meerut Childline since 2008 and it was due to regular monitoring and satisfactory work that we were awarded another Childline in Meerut – Railway Child Helpdesk and she has been serving as the Director since 2019. Further to this she recently envisioned a program to empower the women across the city of Meerut by initiating a Women Helpline and a rich panel having members from law, education, social sector, medicine, psychologist, career counsellors etc. to advice the women in case they are in any kind of distress.

Dr. Anil Rana

Dr. Anil Rana who was an educationist and taught in the Kurukshetra University after finishing his PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. After doing this for a couple of years, he realized serious problems in the region of western Uttar Pradesh in the area of Water & Agriculture, he decided to quit his high paying job as a professor and came back to his birthplace that is Meerut and founded an Ngo with a vision to improve soil and water quality in the region.
That was how, he started working with farmers and students in the region to promote organic farming and water conservation for the region to have a more sustainable living in the region. With his leadership, the organization could bring in multiple innovative projects supported by many institutional donors like Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Oxfam India, IGSSS, CAF India, Ford Foundation, Coca Cola India, and various national corporates with small to big support for the betterment of the region. His vision behind the organization could be gathered from one of his statements.
"To make my life's trip more interesting, I picked the intruded path, and when I returned to my objective, I saw a swarm of individuals who were all supporting the same social cause."
Unfortunately Dr. Rana passed away untimely in 2008 and his wife took on as the head of the organization and is carrying forward his vision and name in the form of the projects being implemented by the project.

Mission & Vision

Vision: To empower local communities to act to safeguard their environment and natural resources through community participation. We also strive to build a sustainable future where every child is ensured of their rights in India, and no one faces any discrimination at the hands of anyone else.
Mission: To constantly work towards a society where sustainability in terms of water, environment, agricultural practices, child rights, non-discrimination of women would be ensured.


  • Children rescued out of Child Labour
  • Child Marriages stopped
  • No. of farmers moved to Organic Farming
  • Ponds Revived
  • Children Restored with families
  • Nutrition to COVID affected families