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My Clean Meerut
Beauty & Prosperity through Community
Instilling leadership among young people & creating a team of people responsible for their actions and able to inspire others.

Janhit Foundation has launched the ‘My Clean Meerut’ campaign which aims to reach the people the Meerut City and inspire them to show their love and pride for the environment. This is an association with ‘My Clean India’, a campaign which was embarked on by Mr. Remco Van Santen from Australia. It was from Nainital that he lighted the spark in the minds of people and joining hands with others like Janhit Foundation in solidarity the campaign is moving ahead in 17 cities of India with about 35 million people joining. The campaign being launched in Meerut is another step towards a better India through promoting the spirit of UN Agenda 21, 25. The youth have so much to offer.

My Clean Meerut encourages people to take personal responsibility and by that, together finding ways to keep their environment clean and green. This campaign is not just about less litter and rubbish although that is very important but also for cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner soil, and even a cleaner mind and relationships.
Broadly, there are two key aspects to My Clean Meerut.
It focuses on community achievements to inspire to create sustainable change.
It focuses on the problems but also aim to show the innovative, successful and inspirational achievements and promote dreams of what could be accomplished.
What’s Special About It?
Traditionally, we focus on identifying problems and then listing the resources (and money) required to fix them. This results in dependency and no responsibility for the problem. When the money dries up, the problem recurs.

This campaign is about Appreciative Inquiry i.e. shift from problem solving to building on the solutions and positives such as achievements and our community strengths and skills.

We do not use the word “should” and “try”. Again and again we just point fingers to problems. But what actually would work is an acknowledgement and appreciation of people power and local solutions and efforts being made, looking at what is working; what is not working; and what is necessary to make it happen.
My Clean School
My Clean Meerut and My Clean School working together. Here we look how My Clean School investigates and creates opportunities to work with My Clean Meerut to promote those who make the environment more prosperous and beautiful.
The United Nations has Agenda 21 that promotes the youth for caring for the environment. The youth, with their vigour and independence can look objectively to what can be done. The represent energy while at same time, develop their leadership skills.
MCS enables the schools to be role models for their communities in cleanliness and by interacting with the community, for the students to practice leadership and innovation. Progressive Inquiry is a three step process the students can employ to identify what could be done.
Progressive Inquiry is used by My Clean School and is in three steps.
What is liked.
What is not liked.
What needs to happen.
This represents an opportunity for students to work with the community and practice leadership.
Progressive Inquiry is a progressive which uses the scholastic background of the students to explore the community and to identify the opportunities for action and those that are making a difference – the champions.
To read more about this campaign, please click here.

As a part of 'My Clean Meerut', Janhit Foundation had organised Inter-school Essay Writing, Debate and Poster Making Competition. About 16 schools participated in the event, with about 150 students writing essays, making posters and speaking on the issue of My Clean Meerut. This included participation of not only CBSE schools but government schools and colleges; and schools from rural areas too. The competition was organised on November 29th and 30th, 2009 in the premises of Sanatan Dharma Inter College, Meerut.


The clear and positive spirit of the competition influenced the schools and we got a very good participation from most of the schools.

The participation was with all the spirits high, with all the enthusiasm and vision the young eyes carry within them.

It is true that only few won the prizes but all the participants were appreciated and encouraged by giving away a certificate from the foundation. So that they don’t stop thinking about the environment.
Topics for the Competition
Essay Writing:- ‘Main apne shahar Meerut ki zameen, pani aur hawa ko saaf banane ke liye kya krna chahta/chahti hu, main ye kaise krunga/karungi?’
Poster Making:- ‘Apne shahar Meerut ki zameen, pani aur hawa ko saaf banane ke liye ‘mujhe’ kya krna hoga?’
Debate Competition:- ‘Mere shahar Meerut ki zameen, pani aur hawa ko saaf banana kya sarkar ki zimmedaari hai ya meri khud ki?’
For:- ‘Meri apni zimmedaari hai.’
Against :- ‘Sarkar aur prashaasan ki zimmedari hai.’
Ist Nisha Gulpham of Meerut Public Girls School (Senior)
  Somya of Delhi Public School (Junior)
2nd Khushmani Kaur of Delhi Public School (Senior)
  Suraj Singh of D. N. Inter College (Junior)
3rd Shwetanki of Meerut Public School (Senior)
  Sanjeev Kumar of Army School (Junior)
Essay Writing:
Ist Ekta Kumari of Army School (Senior)
  Ishika Bansal of Meerut Public School (Junior)
2nd Shivani Godara of Meerut Public School (Senior)
  Rimjhim Sharma of R. G. College (Junior)
3rd Ashish Gupta of S. D. Inter College (Senior)
  Shalini of R. G. College (Junior)
Poster Competition:
Ist Priya Tyagi of Army Public School (Senior)
  Joy Verma of Meerut Public Girls School (Junior)
2nd Adiba of Meerut Public Girls School (Senior)
  Akansha of R. G. College (Junior)
3rd Shalini of Kanya Inter College, Daurala (Senior)
  Sman Singh of Army Public School (Junior)