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Late. Mr. Anil Rana
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give as you earn
Janhit Foundation is a partner in Give as You Earn, CAF India’s payroll giving programme which offers companies and their employees an easy and tax-effective way of giving to the cause and NGO of their choice through payroll. As a part of this innovative programme, we have undertaken a number of activities for various target groups.
Vocational Training at Bal Sadan
Under the various projects taken up by Janhit Foundation, is a project run under the aegis of CAF titled ‘Give as You Earn Programme’. The foundation has taken up a project to facilitate learning of the computing skills to the children of Bal Sadan, A government child observation home at Meerut. About 30 students were given a training for three months to learn the basics of computers alongwith Word, Excel, Paint Brush etc. Mr. Ghulam Mohammad taught the children how to use computers. The teaching of these basic concepts will instill Vocational Training at Bal Sadan
confidence in these deprived children of the society and gradually they can become computer savvy as computer literacy is the need of the day. In this process the foundation provided one computer also to make the learning process all the more convenient and the deadline to be achieved.

Providing the skill of earning will take these students to a future where a livable life could be thought of.
Helping the Deprived – Mission ‘Enable’
“By compassion we make others misery our own and so by relieving them, we relieve ourselves also:” – Sir Thomas Browne

The organisation benevolently thought of the plight of the disabled children at Gyan Ashram and at other places for whom life was a burden. Meerut CHILDLINE under the aegis of Janhit Foundation gave the disabled a partner to share and those were the devices as wheel chair, listening machine,
Helping the Deprived – Mission ‘Enable’
crutches, a walker. These transformed the ten privileged children from disabled and enabled them to atleast bear the brunt of destiny.

It was in the august presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Subodh Kumar, Chief Medical Officer, Meerut and distinguished suests Ms. J.B. Gaur, D.P.O., Meerut that these enabling devices were given to the physically challenged children. Rahul and Bhoore got the tri-cycle to chase their dreams, Shehzad and Lalit Kumar were gifted crutches to be independent in their working, Vicky was given a walker to reduce the burden of his parents, Tinku was given a handstick to stand upright and with confidence. Furthermore, Praveen, Sagar, Neelam and Manisha were given hearing machines for hearing impaired. The children not only received these devices but a bag of confidence alongwith. The foundation acknowledge the funding partner Charities Aid Foundation and promised to ‘ENABLE’ more needy people as and when an occasion arises.
Free Medical Camp for the Poor
Jaibheem Nagar in Meerut city has population of over 10,000 mainly comprising of slum dwellers with an economically, socially marginalized, schedule caste community. The slum is sandwiched between LLRM Medical College on it one end which discharges its untreated toxic wastes in the water supplies and on the other side with highly polluted Kali River (East). There is a gross violation of Human Right to Water of the residents living here compounded by a complete lack of basic medical facilities to help the sick and dying.
The population of Jaibheem Nagar has been reporting an
Free Medical Camp for the Poor
alarming rise in serious ailments and increased death rate over the last decade. The drinking water sources available to the population are confined as failing to meet National and International standards for safe drinking water due to contamination with a range of toxic heaby metal parameters and as such as unfit for human consumption.

Keeping in view the mentioned scenario, Janhit Foundation conducted a few medical camp at Jaibheem Nagar wherein a team of reputed senior doctors from Subharti Medical College, Meerut visited the slum for medical check up. Free medicines were also provided to the patients after check up.
Educational Support to Slum Children
A slum community is located near the office premises of Janhit Foundation in the Shastri Nagar locality. A few children living in the slum go to school while others help their parents in daily household activities because of their poor economic conditions.

Janhit Foundation has sponsored school dress for five children of the slum enabling them to go to school. These children were not willing to go to their schools as they were daily scolded by
Educational Support to Slum Children
their teachers for not wearing proper school uniform and felt ashamed of being reminded everyday at the school for the dress in front of their other friends.

All the five children are now happy studying at their schools and feel comfortable joining the other children at the school who come from a comparatively good family background.
Material Donation to the Children in Need
A small gift means so much to a child that has so little. Janhit Foundation donated clothes, books, toys to 100 needy children during the Christmas period in poor areas of Meerut district. The children felt happy and excited receiving the gifts. Biz Bazaar also associated with the organization in the cause and sponsored food and refreshment during the donation programme for all the kids. Material Donation to the Children in Need
Training for small scale farmers
100 farmers of Rohta block have been provided with practical training on producing organic manures and bio-pesticides on their own farms using locally available material.

Resource persons were invited who gave a presentation on the subject and were given pratical demonstration on the preparations. The farmers have benefitted a lot from the trainings as they were totally dependent on non-organic inputs for their crops which were bought from the markets and posed a great economic burden on their pockets, increasing their cost
Training for small scale farmers
of production. The farmers who are now using organic inputs have also witnessed a better yield alongwith net profits.