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Child Line
CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, toll-free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection, linking them to.....
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1. Child rights protection
CHILDLINE is India's first 24-hour, toll-free emergency phone outreach programme for children in need of care and protection, connecting them to long-term care and rehabilitation facilities. Any youngster or concerned adult can dial 1098 at any time of day or night to reach the CHILDLINE service.
Meerut became the 73rd city to receive the service in August 2007, with the Janhit Foundation in charge of its deployment. The child or adult phoning on their behalf can access a variety of services by dialling 1098. We take a child-centered approach to development, in which children are active and leading participants in their own growth.
Meerut childline
We were accepted into the Childine national network, which is a 24-hour helpline run by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and available in over 100 cities across India. We've been running the Meerut Childline since 2007, and it wasn't until 2020 that we were also assigned the job of looking after the Meerut Railway Childline. We receive over ten calls every day on average from children in distress from all over town as a result of this effort.
Aside from that, we've been offering assistance to children from marginalised communities in the form of non-formal education, stationery, and school uniforms.
Our Children

1. Open House

Every month, Meerut CHILDLINE hosts an open house to raise awareness about the toll-free service and encourage local residents to come forward and take action to protect the rights of underprivileged children. The service hosted an open house at several sites throughout the city, including railway stations and bus stops. Singing songs, skits explaining the service, playing the 1098 theme music, and other activities are all performed by street children at an open house.

2. Canopy

Again, to raise awareness about the service, a canopy is set up in various locations. Members of the team distribute leaflets, brochures, and posters. They also speak with slum youngsters who come to the canopy and instruct them on how to use it. The canopy is erected at regular intervals in public venues such as the city railway station, medical institution, and so on. Exams for your health: The team also organises health examinations at regular intervals to maintain track of the children in the slum's health. The medical personnel that come to the slum Children in the slum are given free health checks. The youngsters are also given timely vaccines against polio, TB, and other diseases. The kids are also encouraged to keep their rooms tidy and sanitary.

3. Vocational trainings

The Meerut CHILDLINE team has gone above and beyond to provide vocational training to slum children in order to provide them with opportunities to make a life. The team has started sewing workshops for eight girls from underserved neighbourhoods who are being trained for free. Computer classes are also being held, in which six females are learning about information technology. Driving lessons have also been started for boys from the adjacent slums, so that by the time they reach the age of 18, they would be self-sufficient capable of sustaining a living. The management team also teaches the children a variety of crafts, such as candle making, card making, artificial flower manufacturing, and making décor things out of waste materials.

4. Outreach

The CHILDLINE team promotes the toll-free service by conducting outreach throughout the community. A special emphasis is placed on contacting all phone booth owners and telling them about the service so that they may help the programme succeed by spreading the word and allowing youngsters in need to use it for free.

5. Rescue of Child Labourers

Meerut CHILDLINE, in collaboration with the Meerut Police Department, rescued 80 children working as labourers on April 19, 2010 as part of its 'Operation Masoom' campaign.

The majority of the youngsters rescued were between the ages of 7 and 14. These youngsters were temporarily housed at Bal Sadan (Child Shelter Home), and their addresses were traced and guardians contacted in the meantime. All rescued children, as well as their parents/guardians and the employers from whom they were taken, received counselling.